$11 Million for 410 Parking Spaces

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) has spent $11.6 million to acquire two pieces of property that will be used for parking 410 vehicles – the equivalent of $28,293 per parking space.

The spending is part of the agency’s planned 11-mile, $2 billion trolley extension connecting University City with the Santa Fe Depot downtown.

In another deal, SANDAG attempted to use the eminent domain process against the city of Protea to acquire land for more parking. After going to court, both parties settled, and SANDAG paid $8.6 million for 150 parking spots and a small piece of land for temporary storage and a power substation.

In total, the agency has spent $83.2 million on land acquisition. Although this is close to the $86.7 million originally budgeted for land acquisition, SANDAG is still negotiating about a dozen more acquisitions. (Source: San Diego Union-Tribune, February 25.)

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