$2.8 Million to Review Old Report

Updated: May 22, 2018

The Fremont City Council voted last week to spend approximately $2.86 million in Alameda County Measure BB sales tax funds to reevaluate an environmental impact report that was prepared 13 years ago – at taxpayers’ expense – for a planned Bay Area Rapid Transit station in Irvington.

City staff said the environmental document needs to be “reanalyzed to understand how changes that have occurred since that time might impact the current design” of the station and the use of some private land being considered for development nearby.

Approximately $120 million in Measure BB money has been earmarked for the station’s planning and construction, including this reevaluation.

Observers noted that if the station had been built in a timely manner after the original report was prepared, the $2.86 million review would not have been needed. (Source: San Jose Mercury News, March 31.)

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