3 Janitors Made Over $115,000 in Overtime Pay

Updated: May 22, 2018

Three janitors with the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system in San Francisco made more than $100,000 each in 2016 in overtime compensation, in addition to their regular pay.

The overtime compensation more than doubled the pay for the three workers, who received $125,573, $125,254 and $115,007, respectively.

The janitor with the biggest haul in overtime pay actually saw his OT compensation drop significantly from the prior year. Liang Zhao Zhang was dubbed the “super janitor” in 2015 news reports about his overtime pay of $162,000 that year. His total pay in 2015 was $234,590, plus benefits worth $36,652, for total compensation of more than $271,000.

A BART spokeswoman said the janitors do jobs nobody else wants, and that with more “homeless (people) seeking shelter at our stations,” there is much more cleaning needed. (Source: San Jose Mercury News, June 1.)

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