$93,000 Pension Despite Drug Dealing Conviction

Updated: May 24, 2018

A Fresno Police Department officer will keep his pension despite a 2015 drug dealing conviction.

Keith Foster was arrested in 2015 by federal agents after it was found he was dealing heroin and marijuana. At the time, he was receiving nearly $15,000 a month from Fresno taxpayers as the city’s deputy police chief.

Following his arrest, Mr. Foster resigned, but will keep the $93,000-plus pension he started drawing after the arrest.

Despite a state law requiring pension forfeiture for all public employees convicted of a job-related felony, City Hall spokesman Mark Standriff said: “There are no provisions in the Retirement Section of the Fresno Municipal Code that would eliminate an individual’s pension due to a felony. Since the city of Fresno is a charter city, we are not governed under the provisions of the (Public Employees’ Pension Reform) Act.”

Mr. Standriff said the mayor is open to changing the law, but is unsure whether it will be a simple ordinance change or a more costly ballot initiative. (Source: The Fresno Bee, May 25.)

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