Agency Responsible for Inspecting Mobile Home Parks Fails to Do So

The Department of Housing and Community Development staff responsible for inspecting mobile home parks haven’t visited some parks in the past decade, the state auditor reported July 9.

The auditor found that the department:

  • Did not conduct park inspections at more than half of the active parks in its jurisdiction between 2010 and 2019.

  • Has not visited 9 percent of its parks at all in the 10-year period.

  • Has not established written policies and procedures for selecting parks for inspections.

  • Has not established guidance for the brief, informal visits to mobile home parks known as “field monitoring,” and does not require inspectors to document such visits in its database system.

“Almost half of the complaint inspections we reviewed were late, and residents with violations often were not notified of their right to appeal,” the auditor added.

In addition, the department’s “poor timekeeping practices have affected its ability to effectively manage the costs and resources of its parks program,” the auditor said.


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