Audit Finds Inaccuracies and Confusion for San Luis Obispo District

A recently released independent audit found inaccuracies and confusing entries in the Los Osos Community Service District’s finances, noting that accounting could not be easily traced, and staff vacation and sick leave were inaccurately reported, while “overtime” work was completed during normal business hours.

Chuck Cesena, a board member for the San Luis Obispo-area district, said: “I don’t think there’s malfeasance. I think there’s just sloppiness. I don’t know why the journal entries were so confusing. Money is moving here and there. You want the finances to be as transparent as possible.”

Auditors said the district’s accounting problems were a result of high turnover and poor district management. Other board members noted that some of the problems addressed in the audit have been corrected since the report was released. (Source: The San Luis Obispo Tribune, September 27.)

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