Big Jump in S.F. Bay Area Public Employee Overtime

In the last three years, the share of overtime in public payrolls in the San Francisco Bay Area has increased 26 percent, according to a story in the Contra Costa Times. Jurisdictions with the largest overtime jumps are Brisbane (69.9 percent), Moraga-Orinda Fire District (58.2 percent), Santa Clara County (57.7 percent), Pittsburg (57.3 percent), Foster City (55.6), El Cerrito (55.1), San Jose (50.5 percent) and Hayward (50.4 percent).

All of the top 10 overtime earners are police or fire personnel, and all earned substantially more in overtime than from their regular salaries.

The top overtime earner in 2013 was Richmond Fire Captain Angel Bobo, who had $147,197 in base pay and $279,105 more in overtime. In Vallejo, Corporal Stanley Eng of the Police Department worked 2,400 hours of overtime – which, according to his timecard, was 46 hours a week in overtime. He reportedly worked 57 hours of overtime in the 72-hour period from September 27-29.

Santa Clara County, with more than $60 million in overtime, mostly related to hospitals, plans to hire 300 new employees to cut down on overtime. (Source: Stories by Thomas Paine and Daniel J. Willis in the Contra Costa Times, June 27 and June 30.)

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