California Prison Workers Are Nation's Most Expensive

A dentist in a California prison can earn as much as $288,636 a year plus overtime and extra duty pay, while a prison dentist in Texas can make up to $150,000, and New York's cap is $141,585.

"The pay of clinical staff in places like Texas is less, in part, because Texas prison doctors aren't unionized and the cost of living in the state is lower," Bloomberg reports.

While one prison doctor in California made $382,519 in 2010, the top pay for a prison doctor in Texas is approximately $200,000 a year, and the top pay for a medical employee in Florida was $230,711 in the 2011 fiscal year.

"A felon in Florida or New York is the same as a felon in California," CalTax Vice President of Communications and Research David Kline told Bloomberg. "They commit the same crime, yet in Florida and other states they are able to keep their prisoners behind bars for less. We are far above the national average, and we need to take a look at why." (Source: Bloomberg, August 23.)

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