Caltrans Charged With Withholding Information About Bridge

The San Francisco Chronicle reported February 19 that the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has been charged with withholding important information about the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Steve Heminger, executive director of the San Francisco Bay Metropolitan Transportation Commission, said Caltrans Chief Deputy Director Rick Land omitted from a briefing with commission staffers the fact that potentially corrosive rainwater was leaking into the superstructure of the new Bay Bridge span. “I’m very troubled by it,” Mr. Heminger said. “It’s disturbing, and it’s not the first time it happened.”

Andrew Fremier, deputy director of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, said water is even entering in the chambers where bridge cables are anchored. The chambers are dehumidified to guard against corrosion attacking the exposed cables, and Caltrans officials said they believe the dehumidification process is “taking care” of the problem.

Days after the criticism was leveled, Mr. Land announced that he is retiring, effective April 4. (Source: San Francisco Chronicle, February 19 and February 20.)

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