Castro Valley School District Spent $14,000 on Espresso Machine

News that the Castro Valley Unified School District spent $14,000 on an espresso machine, first aired on KPIX in San Francisco, has voters in the East Bay district “furious,” according to the CBS-owned television station.

The school board unanimously approved the steep price tag, and administrators claimed that it is a justifiable start-up cost as the district moves toward catering its own events, rather than hiring vendors.

One school official said that not only will the espresso machine save the district money, but it will save an important job at the school. Candi Clark, the district’s assistant superintendent, said: “We have a 14.5-hour position in the child nutrition department that we are working really hard to keep. This is an opportunity to keep that position.” (Source: KPIX, Channel 5, San Francisco, September 12.)

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