City Official Embezzles $3.7 Million

A former Compton deputy city treasurer pleaded guilty July 13 to embezzling more than $3.7 million from the city over the last six years.

Salvador Galvan was responsible for tallying the revenue Compton received from varying city fees like trash and water fees and then depositing the funds into the bank.

According to federal records, Mr. Galvan began to pocket anywhere from $200 to $8,000 a day, and avoided detection for years until a city colleague spotted a $7,000 discrepancy that triggered an investigation.

Mr. Galvan earned an annual salary of $60,000, but lived a lavish lifestyle that raised suspicion from several of his colleagues. Mr. Galvan’s supervisor told investigators that the employee upgraded from an old Toyota to a new black Audi sedan, and would pay for office parties, purchase gift cards for cashiers, and bought a high-end coffee machine for the office.

When confronted, Mr. Galvan confessed. Los Angeles County deputies arrested him late last year, after which he posted bond and remained out of custody until he was arrested by federal agents in March.

Mr. Galvan’s wife, who reportedly received hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and money orders from her husband, also pleaded guilty. Both parties are scheduled to be sentenced in November. (Source: Los Angeles Times, July 14.)

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