Convicted Murderer Received $30,000 in Unemployment Benefits While Behind Bars

Anthony Garcia, a convicted murderer who previously made headlines based on how he was caught – he had a graphic mural of the murder scene tattooed across his chest, which caught the eye of a detective – is back in the newspapers for collecting $30,000 in unemployment benefits while he sat in the Los Angeles County jail system.

For nearly two years, Mr. Garcia had family and friends cashing $1,600-per-month checks while he was behind bars. Some of the money was put into his jail account, and some went to other incarcerated gang members.

His father and two women described by the Los Angeles Times as his girlfriends have been charged with unemployment fraud and other crimes.

Mr. Garcia's arrest for murder traces back to a traffic offense. He was photographed, and a detective who had worked the murder case happened to see the photo, and recognized the scene depicted in Mr. Garcia's tattoo. (Source: Los Angeles Times, March 4.)

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