County Agency Misused Funds for Toy Drive

Updated: May 22, 2018

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted May 16 to explore alternatives to replace the Children’s Trust Fund Unit, after an audit found that the county agency misused funds, and left thousands of donated toys for low-income children sitting in a warehouse.

Problems identified in the audit included:

  • Spending $336,000 for kids to attend summer camp, but giving the camps the same rate per child, regardless of the duration of the stay or the services provided.

  • Sending kids to summer camps that weren’t accredited or licensed.

  • Leaving approximately 7,000 donated toys in a warehouse, and being unable to account for another 2,500 toys.

  • Failing to control the use of donated event tickets. About one-fourth of the $140,000 worth of tickets to theme parks, sporting events, etc., went missing or were issued to outside entities instead of the foster children who were supposed to benefit.

(Sources: Los Angeles Times, May 14;, May 16.)

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