DMV Worker Slept Thousands of Hours on the Job

A Department of Motor Vehicles employee has slept thousands of hours on the job since 2014 and has not been disciplined, the state auditor reported July 24.

The report estimates the employee slept three or more hours daily at her desk since February 2014, totaling more than 2,200 hours of work time and costing the department more than $40,000.

The employee worked as a key data operator with duties described as “routine data entry for change of address and new vehicle ownership forms,” the report stated.

She processed less than half the documents she was expected to – an average of 200 a day when data operators are expected to process more than 550. What she did process often was so inaccurate that other employees wouldn’t trust her to correctly enter their address or vehicle ownership change.

Supervisors were aware of the issue, but underestimated the amount of time the employee was sleeping on the job and did not properly follow disciplinary procedures, the auditor said. The report stated that a supervisor reported waking up the employee up “three to four times each day.”

Supervisors did not pursue disciplinary action because they suspected a medical issue was contributing to the employee’s problems. (Source: Ventura County Star, July 24.)

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