Governor Assigns Task Force to Address DMV Problems

Governor Gavin Newsom this week declared that he is going to make it a priority to correct mismanagement and other problems at the Department of Motor Vehicles. He created a task force to improve the services and appointed new management.

“By any metric, California DMV has been chronically mismanaged and failed in its fundamental mission to the state customers it serves and the state workers it employs,” Newsom said. “It’s time for a reinvention.”

Days later, at a press conference where he unveiled his state budget proposal, Newsom announced that the DMV finally will begin accepting credit cards, as well.

Newsom’s “DMV Reinvention Strike Team” will be headed by Marybel Batjer, the California Government Operations Agency secretary, for the first six months. She is tasked with advising on long-term leadership and reforms to improve the DMV.

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