Half of Callers to California’s Health Care Line Give Up Due to Long Waits

Nearly half of the people who called Covered California, the state’s “Obamacare” health insurance exchange, in February and March couldn’t get through and hung up, according to state figures.

The Los Angeles Times reported that “those service woes could worsen as more people try to beat the March 31 deadline to get Obamacare coverage under the Affordable Care Act.” (Californians have been given an extra two weeks to finish applying for insurance, as long as they start enrolling by midnight March 31.)

California Covered officials said the typical wait time on the phone is 30 minutes. The officials indicated that this is good news, as the previously reported wait time was 50 minutes.

Less than 5 percent of the calls to the exchange are answered within 30 seconds, and about one-third of the callers get a busy signal.

The exchange also has experienced delays in paying its “certified enrollment counselors” for the work they perform to help people sign up for medical insurance. (Source: Los Angeles Times, March 20.)

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