Inglewood Mayor’s $342,000-a-Year Assistant Escorted Out of City Hall

Melanie McDade-Dikens, a former campaign worker for Inglewood Mayor James Butts Jr. who later become the mayor’s assistant – receiving $342,000 per year in salary and benefits – was escorted out of City Hall in July and has not returned to work, the Torrance Daily Breeze reported September 11.

McDade-Dikens, who was Butts’ aide for the past eight years, was one of the city’s highest paid employees in 2018. Her name no longer appears on the city’s website, but she hasn’t been fired, according to her attorney, Carl Douglas.

In February, a deposition in litigation involving a stadium deal, a party alleged that McDade-Dikens and Butts were in a romantic relationship, and that she thus would be a biased witness. Butts is married but lives separately from his wife.

McDade-Dikens was hired in 2011. Her pay jumped from $73,850 in 2013 to $289,864 in 2018, a 292 percent increase. City officials claimed that despite being listed as an “executive assistant,” her responsibilities were closer to those of an assistant city manager.

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