L.A. Spends $150,000 on Surveillance Cameras, Doesn’t Install Them

The city of Los Angeles spent approximately $150,000 on security cameras, then left the equipment sitting idle in a storage cabinet, investigative reporter David Goldstein discovered.

“More than one hundred thousand dollars in surveillance cameras have been sitting idle for more than a year while illegal dumping is rampant in downtown Los Angeles,” Goldstein found. The reporter said the cameras could be effective in deterring people from illegally dumping garbage in many areas of downtown Los Angeles, “where they’re fighting rats and a Typhus outbreak, not only brought on by the thousands of homeless on the streets, but by the thousands of pounds of trash that are dumped on the streets every day.”

Enrique Zaldivar, who heads the city’s public works department, claimed his department has been waiting for permits to install the cameras.

“These are about 24 cameras that were supposed to be set up to catch illegal dumping,” said Estela Lopez of the Downtown Industrial Business Improvement District, funded by store owners.

Goldstein said hours after he interviewed city officials, a city employee emailed to say the cameras will go up as soon as possible – some before the story was scheduled to air. (Source: CBS Los Angeles, June 4.)

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