Los Angeles Firefighter Received $360,000 in Overtime Last Year

Last year, more than half of Los Angeles’ 53,000 city employees collected overtime pay, with some firefighters receiving more than $200,000 and one taking home $360,000 above salary, the city controller reported.

City Controller Ron Galperin released “On the Clock: Review of City Employee Overtime,” a report that analyzes 2018-19 data and discloses that the Los Angeles fire and police departments were responsible for 77 percent of the city’s overtime dollars, largely due to thin staffing.

One firefighter reported 5,616 hours of overtime, equivalent to 64 percent of all hours in the year.

Other departments also had workers collecting large overtime pay. One traffic officer received more than $174,000 in overtime pay, in addition to regular salary and benefits.

Galperin recommended that the city use data analysis to determine when additional hires would save money, track individual overtime requests and set limits on overtime hours.

“The city needs better oversight to prevent employee burnout and ensure efficient use of public dollars,” the report stated. (Source: USA Today, November 7.)


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