Los Angeles Paid $54,750 to Consultant Who Appears to Have Performed No Work

The Los Angeles Times reported this week that after Michael LoGrande stepped down as head of the Los Angeles City Planning Department, he received an $18,250-per-month consulting contract with the city, but officials “have no proof” that he performed any work during the three months he received this pay.

“Mayor Eric Garcetti said his office signed off on the three-month contract in early 2016 so that LoGrande could finish up work before a new planning director arrived,” the newspaper stated. “But when asked for evidence of the work performed by LoGrande, officials in Garcetti’s office and the planning department told The Times they had nothing to turn over.”

LoGrande is now a lobbyist who represents clients in dealings with City Hall. In August, he admitted to violating city ethics laws by lobbying Planning Department officials while still under contract with the city, and was fined $281,250.

“Under the terms of the eight-page consulting contract, LoGrande was required to submit a letter of resignation and release the city of any legal or personnel claims,” the newspaper reported. “The agreement was structured to allow LoGrande to provide on-call support to the planning department ‘should the need arise,’ said agency spokesman Yeghig Keshishian. The need never arose, Keshishian added.” (Source: Los Angeles Times, October 1.)

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