$1.3 Million for Unused Paving Machine

Updated: May 22, 2018

An investigation by CBS reporter David Goldstein revealed that the city of Los Angeles purchased a $1.3 million paving machine last year and has barely used it.

A day after Goldstein’s report that found the machine was sitting idle in a city yard as shelter for a homeless man, the city had the machine up and working – for an hour.

The machine, designed to rip up pavement, recycle it and pave streets, seemed foreign to many of the city’s workers, Goldstein reported.

“City crew workers banged on the machine … with a shovel, tried to figure out what buttons to press, and even used a piece of firewood from someone’s yard to try to stabilize the machine’s chassis,” he said. “However, most of the time, more than a dozen Los Angeles city workers stood around and watched as the million-dollar machine made its debut.”

After two hours of trying to figure out to how to use the machine, the workers gave up and went back to using shovels, Goldstein reported.

Since officially going into service on June 16, the machine had logged just 51 hours up until April, including only 5 hours this year. (Source: CBS Los Angeles, May 11.)

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