Los Angeles to Spend $35 Million on Shipping Containers for Homeless Housing

The city of Los Angeles unveiled a new proposal to use shipping containers to construct a 50-unit homeless housing shelter at a cost of approximately $600,000 per unit.

Under the plan, the city is purchasing 50 specifically designed containers that would be furnished and stacked in a small development next to the intersection of Interstate 110 and Interstate 105. The $35 million project costs more, on a per-unit basis, than the median price of a condominium in Los Angeles.

The city is trying new ideas to cut costs after City Controller Ron Galperin criticized the city earlier in the year for a homeless housing project that was estimated to cost approximately $700,000 per unit.

“This is not about a project. This is not about funds. This is about human beings. This is about flesh and blood,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said during a press conference announcing the project.

To finance some of the project, the city plans to use funds from voter-approved Measure HHH, which authored a $1.2 billion bond to construct 8,000 to 10,000 units of affordable housing.

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