Oakland Taxpayers Will Pay $175,000 for Police Officers' Treatment of TV Cameraman

The Oakland City Council voted June 7 to pay $175,000 to a former television cameraman to settle a civil rights lawsuit accusing city police officers of attacking him as he tried to film outside a hospital on a day that four officers were killed in 2009.

The cameraman, who was not physically injured in the altercation, alleged that several officers assaulted him and broke his camera equipment as he tried to film the arrival of an ambulance carrying one of the mortally wounded officers. He was able to record video of some of the action, including an officer approaching him and yelling an obscenity.

The City Council approved the settlement in closed session, and indicated that the city admits no wrongdoing as part of the settlement. The city previously paid several thousand dollars to replace the broken camera equipment. (Source: San Francisco Chronicle, June 8.)

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