Orange County to Spend $30,000 to Motivate County Executives

Orange County recently spent $10,000 in tax dollars to hire a motivational speaker to address county executives, and is planning to spend another $20,000 on additional motivational efforts for county workers.

In August, the county hired former Navy Commander Michael Abrashoff to speak to more than 90 executive managers as part of what the county described as an effort "to provide professional development opportunities for staff." Mr. Abrashoff, author of two books on leadership, was paid $10,000 for a two-hour commitment.

Now, the county plans to spend $20,000 more to the Center for Human Capital Innovation for "the design and administration of an assessment of the County's executive managers as part of the process of building an executive development program," a county spokesman said. Specifics on how the money will be spent have not yet been decided.

Supervisor Shawn Nelson said he opposes the spending. "I'm not a guy who is going to be good with spending government money on nonsense," Mr. Nelson said. "Now is not the time to be spending taxpayer money on rallying the troops. It's outrageous." (Source: Orange County Register's OC Watchdog, September 19.)

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