Park Sidewalk Falling Apart After Only a Month

San Francisco’s new $2.2 billion Transbay Transit Center has been open only since August 11, but a $673,000 sidewalk that encircles a 5.4-acre park above the center already is falling apart. In a report on the decomposed granite sidewalk, KTVU News said: “In just over a month, the path … is riddled with the equivalent of potholes. The divots are noticeable in high-traffic areas near bathrooms and elevators.”

While the footpath is under warranty, its quick failure adds to a long list of problems in constructing the center, which ended up costing $800 million more than expected.

“It may someday be the Grand Central Station of the West if we get the trains ...,” Supervisor Aaron Peskin said. “But until then we have the greatest public works debacle since the pyramids.”

(Sources: KTVU News, September 12; San Francisco Chronicle, September 12.)

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