Retiring Community College Chancellor Will Receive $225,000 Salary and Fringe Benefits for One Year

Deborah Blue, who this week announced that she is retiring from her post as chancellor of the State Center Community College District in the Fresno area, will continue to be paid for one year after she ends her official duties in June. She will receive her $225,000 annual salary, plus benefits including health insurance, a $700-a-month car allowance and a $500-a-month allowance for expenses.

Ms. Blue announced her retirement on the same day the district board voted to shorten her contract for undisclosed reasons. Originally, she was contracted to serve until 2017.

The chancellor officially will retire June 30, 2015, but will end her regular day-to-day work this year, and then will be deemed “chancellor emeritus” for the additional year. Her new agreement does not spell out the job duties of the chancellor emeritus.

If Ms. Blue gets another job that pays more than what she makes now, she no longer will be paid by the district, and if she accepts a position with a lower salary, the board will pay the difference.

The settlement stipulates that Ms. Blue and the district will not sue each other, will not publicly say anything negative or potentially damaging about the other side, and will not talk publicly about the terms of the agreement – despite the use of taxpayer dollars. (Source: The Fresno Bee, March 5.)

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