$257,000 in Overtime

Updated: May 24, 2018

Riverside Public Utilities didn’t adequately monitor overtime during a period in which a dispatcher received more than $257,000 in overtime pay – more than double his six-figure base salary – in a single year, according to an audit presented to the Riverside City Council on April 24.

The audit, conducted by a private firm, looked for possible fraud or abuse related to overtime earnings by 10 utilities employees that may have occurred between 2012, and 2016. It also looked for any lack of internal controls in the authorization of that overtime, a letter from the firm stated.

The review found no evidence that employees collected overtime pay by creating overtime when the work wasn’t needed or by submitting timekeeping records for overtime not worked. However, the auditors found that internal review was lacking, and overtime policies were not followed.

The auditor reported that after the dispatcher’s pay was reported by the media, changes were made to improve internal controls and adherence to overtime policies. (Source: Riverside Press-Enterprise, April 25.)

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