Sacramento-Area Schools Give Superintendents Pay Raises While Cutting Teacher Salaries

Twelve school districts in the Sacramento region approved pay raises for their superintendents in recent years while at the same time cutting teacher salaries.

Between 2000 and 2010, superintendent salaries grew twice as fast as inflation. Ten years ago, the highest-paid superintendent made $172,824, the average salary for a superintendent was $99,479, and the lowest-paid superintendent made $70,000. Today, the highest-paid superintendent makes $255,030, the average superintendent salary is $156,101 and the lowest-paid superintendent makes $100,000.

The biggest pay increase went to newly hired Sacramento City Unified Superintendent Jonathan Raymond, who is paid $245,000 – 12.3 percent more than his predecessor. However, Mr. Raymond's salary is $10,000 less than Steven Ladd of Elk Grove Unified School District, and $8,000 less than Dave Gordon, superintendent of the county's schools. (Source: The Sacramento Bee, February 13.)

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