Sacramento County Spent $1.5 Million for a Bus Lane That Isn’t Used

“A dedicated bus lane along one of Sacramento County’s most congested corridors and cost $1.5 million to build has not been used since fall,” The Sacramento Bee reported February 21.

“The 1-mile stretch of express bus lanes on Watt Avenue between Folsom Boulevard and La Riviera Drive over Highway 50 was completed in 2015 as part of a $39 million project to widen the busy highway interchange and usher in more multifaceted transportation throughout Sacramento,” The Bee wrote. “Part of the project included a single bus lane down the center of Watt Avenue bordered by raised curbs to keep cars out and give buses run by Sacramento Regional Transit quick access across the American River. But since September, no RT bus has used the dedicated bus lanes on Watt Avenue. That’s when the agency cut the only route along that stretch of Watt Avenue as part of the largest bus network redesign in its history last fall.”

The $1.5 million was paid with funds including revenue from a sales tax increase approved by voters in 2004, and by state and federal grants of tax dollars. (Source: The Sacramento Bee, February 21.)


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