San Diego Owes $85,000 for Ruptured Breast Implants

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

A San Diego jury awarded $85,000 to a woman for a 2015 tumble on city sidewalks that resulted in damage to her breast implants.

Cynthia Hedgecock, wife of former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock, was walking with a cellphone in one hand and folders in another when her toe got stuck in an uneven part of the sidewalk. She said she tripped and fell chest-first onto the sidewalk.

When she discovered that her implants were ruptured, Ms. Hedgecock sued the city, claiming that it failed to properly repair sidewalks and keep them safe.

Attorneys for the city argued that there was no proof that the fall caused the ruptured implants, and claimed that MRIs from 2012 showed that the implants were ruptured before the fall.

On December 6, the jury sided with Ms. Hedgecock and found that the city “behaved with negligence and carelessness” by not fixing the sidewalk.

The award included $20,000 to cover medical costs and $65,000 for emotional and physical pain. (Source: The Sacramento Bee, December 7.)

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