Santa Clara County Housing Authority Used $16 Million for Pension Boosts Instead of Homes for Poor

The San Jose Mercury News wrote in an August 14 editorial that housing advocates were stunned by a recent report that the Santa Clara County Housing Authority chose to spend $16 million in federal funds to give employees better retirement benefits, instead of using the money to provide homes for the poor – the agency's mission.

"At a time when more people than ever need assistance with something as basic as housing, how could helping employees retire at age 50 be the highest priority?" the editorial asked. The Mercury News noted that the spending occurred two years ago, and cannot be undone. The editorial concluded: "The people who made this decision won't pay any price. That will be borne by the residents who need the Authority's services the most and by taxpayers in the future. No wonder voters don't want to pay more in taxes." (Source: San Jose Mercury News, August 14.)

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