School Board Member Barred From Visiting Schools Without Chaperone.

The Fresno Unified School District Board of Trustees voted August 12 to extend a censure one of its members – Terry Slatic, elected in 2018 to a four-year term – and request a county grand jury investigation into his behavior.

The censure originally was imposed last year, after what The Fresno Bee described as “multiple incidents at Bullard High School.” The censure prohibits Slatic from attending internal staff meetings, requires him to notify school administrators before visiting a campus, and requires that he be accompanied by a chaperone if he does visit a campus.

“Investigations into the Bullard High incidents concluded that Slatic violated board policies, including failing to ‘govern responsibly’ and blurring the distinctions between board and staff roles,” The Bee reported. “The completed investigations involve incidents with an Army recruiter, a wrestling coach, and the time when Slatic grabbed the backpack of a Bullard student and an altercation ensued. Slatic has also been involved in a controversy since July 2019 surrounding his behavior at a Bullard High cheer practice when he scolded certain cheerleaders over a blackface incident.”

One cheerleader’s family sought a restraining order against Slatic, but failed to convince a judge that Slatic’s behavior amounted to harassment. Slatic won $1,000 from the 16-year-old girl’s family to cover part of his legal costs.

The censure also removes Slatic from leadership and committee roles until he takes anger management classes. “Slatic has continued to say that he won’t be attending anger management classes and only a judge can order him to,” The Bee wrote. (Source: The Fresno Bee, August 12.)


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