School Discards Unused Textbooks in San Francisco

In 1961, news that the state was burning unused textbooks rocked the Capitol. Assemblyman Jesse Unruh held several hearings into what he called a "scandal," and castigated the school officials responsible.

In a modern-day equivalent, the San Francisco Chronicle reported June 29 that "hundreds of never-used English and math workbooks were tossed into the recycling bin last week at a San Francisco school."

District officials defended the action. "It's standard practice to donate or recycle unused workbooks when they are no longer useful at a school site," district spokeswoman Heidi Anderson said.

"Outside one of the entrances to Paul Revere Elementary on Tuesday, four blue recycle bins were filled with unused workbooks that ranged in price from $10 retail to about $24 each," the Chronicle reported. (Source: San Francisco Chronicle, June 29.)

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