School District Hires Nurse for One Student

San Juan Unified School District (in suburban Sacramento) are spending thousands of dollars to provide a full-time nurse for a single kindergarten student at Mariposa Elementary School. The nurse's job is to be available in case the student needs a shot for a seizure, although state law allows qualified school district personnel to give the shot, if needed.

Last week, CalTax reported that the district is spending $10 million to bus 1,500 students (or $35 per student per day). There are other examples of excessive spending in the district, including millions for elementary teachers to take an hour off in the middle of the day (called a "prep period," although such teachers have several hours after school that can be used for this purpose). The "prep period" requires hiring of extra teachers to fill in. (CalTax: To what extent will examples of waste in school spending hurt the chances of passage for the governor's tax increase initiative?) (Source: KCRA-TV News, June 12.)

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