School District Offers Teachers an Incentive to Retire Midway Through School Year

The San Diego Unified School District has offered teachers a financial incentive to retire December 31, during the current school year.

The Voice of San Diego reported: “Their classes will not be over, but their teachers will be gone. That may be the situation thousands of students will face after returning from winter break this year …. The departures will come midway through the school year and for the upper grades, weeks before their quarter ends in late January.”

Union representatives told the publication that 130 members of the teachers’ union submitted retirement papers last week, plus 26 administrators (including two principals and three vice principals) and another 200 or so non-teaching employees.

The offer to senior veteran employees was $25,000 to $75,000 to retire, with the money deposited into employee health savings accounts over five years.

Among other things, it is “unclear how grading decisions will be made,” the Voice of San Diego reported.

The president of the teachers’ union said union officials tried to get the district to offer the retirement deal at the end of the school year, but district leaders “were insistent that the only type of incentive they would agree to is one that was for people who retired December 31 without any flexibility.” (Source: Voice of San Diego, November 5.)


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