State Pays Up to $250,000 Per Year to Care for One Developmentally Disabled Person

The state program that pays the caregivers of developmentally disabled Californians authorizes payments of up to $250,000 a year for each disabled person, The Sacramento Bee reported.

The Bee described a case in which a caregiver received $9,000 per month to care for a single young adult in Sacramento, and wrote: "As it turns out, state taxpayers may have been getting a deal … at $108,000 a year. The state can pay wildly varying rates, up to $250,000 a year per person, to fulfill its legal obligation to care for developmentally disabled people, despite laws meant to cap the costs of such programs. Service providers can negotiate rates higher than the caps by proving they serve clients with special needs that require extra services, such as overnight care and more medical attention."

The final amounts are not made public, the newspaper noted. (Source: The Sacramento Bee, February 2.)

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