Taxpayers Pay Prison Guards to Attend Convention in Vegas

The leaders of California's prison guards union probably wish that what happens in Vegas really would stay in Vegas. That was not the case, however, with their August 16-19 annual convention, held in Las Vegas and partially funded by California taxpayers.

The media reported that the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation set aside approximately $350,000 to pay several hundred prison guards while they attend the union convention in Sin City. Up to 10 rank-and-file employees from each of the state's 37 correctional facilities may claim three days' worth of pay for what is officially described as "activist release time."

Leader of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association contend that the spending was "paid for" by the union, because in 1999, the union bargained for the benefit in lieu of a salary increase. (Source: The Sacramento Bee, August 4.)

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