Two Sacramento Firefighters Worked "Almost 70 Percent of the Time They Are Living"

Updated: May 22, 2018

The Sacramento Fire Department spent more than $13 million on overtime pay in 2015, in addition to more than $44 million in regular pay, City Auditor Jorge Oseguera reported this month.

The Sacramento Bee reported:

“The audit found that more than 90 employees worked at least 1,000 extra hours beyond the regular 3,000 that year. Two employees each worked more than 6,000 hours, which amounted to ‘almost 70 percent of the time they are living and breathing,’ Oseguera said.

“The top 10 earners at the department were all rank-and-file employees with significant overtime pay; Fire Chief Walt White earned less than 10 firefighters under his command.

“One captain nearly tripled his pay by earning $168,876 in overtime by working an extra 2,971 hours, putting his compensation at nearly $300,000 and making him the department’s top overtime earner.” (Source: The Sacramento Bee, February 2.)

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